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Protect your users against phishing emails, ransomware & fraud with the most user-friendly, non-intrusive solution available.

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Next-generation online protection

Retruster leverages the latest technology, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to protect businesses against today’s  increasing threats in a seamless, effective and intuitive way.


Over 98% reduction in clicks on phishing emails.


No changes to settings or records, just add in to O365.


Works with any existing security solution as last line of defense.


Monthly billing per user with automated reporting.


User-facing, visible protection 24/7 that users love.

The Retruster advantage

Traditional email security solutions route all emails through their servers. They have to decide “threat or not threat” (binary). If not a threat, email is released to user, who now trusts the email even if it’s phishing – resulting in false positives and not stopping sophisticated phishing emails. Retruster however uses a non-binary approach to empower users against the latest threats.  

A recognized leader in email Protection

Top reviews from customers and industry experts. Retruster is featured in the “Top 10 Cloud Email Security Software” list by G2 Crowd and is a consistent Top Performer.

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End users and distributors love Retruster, with constant great feedback and a loyal following.

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Instantly Integrate with Microsoft or Google

All you need is your Microsoft username and password, and you’re set. Retruster is a member of the Microsoft™ Partner Network and Microsoft™ Appsource. It’s the ultimate Office 365 anti phishing tool. It’s also compatible with any other solutions you have.

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"Retruster is your last line of defense against phishing attempts"

“It’s really intuitive to use and warns of incoming attacks, gives specific information, and presents information in a user-friendly and accessible way everyone can relate to.”

— Garry Kondakov, CEO of Tech Wise Solutions, a multinational supplier of IT security & managed services

Retruster for Distributors

Retruster is a new revenue opportunity for MSPs, distributors and IT Service Providers. Central management dashboards easily let you onboard new users, invoice and track your progress.

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Retruster distributors are earning tens of thousands of dollars in new revenues each month!

Friendly Price Package

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Over 90% of cyber attacks use a fake email to gain access to your business. Protect users, data and your organization as a whole by integrating Retruster’s protection.

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