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    Watch how Retruster is added to an organization in under 2 minutes. No disruption, no interruption, no changing of ANY settings. Just authorize, and you’re off!

    How does Retruster work?

    Using the Microsoft Graph API with proprietary algorithms, Retruster detects anomalies in real-time. 

    It gives users context-specific warnings about potential threats and allows users to see information not apparent with the naked eye. 

    Thanks to this architecture, it can be used together with any other security product (including Mimecast, Proofpoint, etc.), and requires no changing of records, no rerouting of emails and ensures no disruption of any kind. 

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    Every organization should add Retruster - there's every reason to do so, and no reasons not to!

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    See how much value Retruster adds for users. It provides immediate value while being unobtrusive, and is always there as the last line of defense. 

    Retruster for Distributors

    Retruster is a new revenue opportunity for MSPs, distributors and IT Service Providers. Central management dashboards easily let you onboard new users, invoice and track your progress.

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    Retruster is becoming THE way forward-thinking distributors differentiate themselves and offer value to clients.

    Friendly Price Package

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    Want to become a Retruster Partner? See how easy it is to distribute Retruster and earn revenues for the clients you sign up!

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    The Cheating Chairman

    It was the classic phishing email - and unfortunately this happens all the time.

    Retruster for MSPs

    MSP, VAR or reseller? See how companies benefit from selling Retruster!

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